Monday, 27 July 2015

Credit Repair Program by Fowler and Fowler

Fowler and Fowler is a reputable Credit Repair Company based in USA, offering personalized credit repair services as per the client requirements. 

Fowler and Fowler has been a leader in the credit repair industry for over a decade.  We have perfected our technique with years of consistent results.  Some companies boast of big numbers of removed items, but what they failed to tell us is how many they did not remove... if a company removes 50,000 bankruptcies that sounds pretty impressive, but not if they failed to remove another 50,000, that is only 50% removal. At Fowler and Fowler we are proud of our 90% rate of complete removal or correction of information reported on your credit files! 

We provide the following facilities:
  • Credit Repair Service
  • Credit Score Repair
  • Repair Credit Reports
  • Credit Repair Program
  • Credit Repair Specialist
  • Credit Repair Agencies is the most trusted credit repair company offering a personalized credit repair program that can help you to get your credit back on course. 
We will communicate with the three major credit reporting agencies on your behalf, via telephone, fax, internet, e-mail and/or written communications. We will also monitor the correction and deletion of negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports for as long as you remain enrolled in our program.

After 12 months of our service you can request an evaluation/audit of your account within 60 days of your cancellation of the services.  We will add up the complete value of all successfully deleted/corrected items and compare that amount to what you have paid.  If what you have paid for the service is more than the value of the deleted/corrected items we will refund you the difference.  To determine the total value of our service we count the number of items we successfully deleted/corrected and multiply that by $50.00 per item.  We use the amount of $50.00 per deleted/corrected item as the fair market value for our service. 

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Credit Score Repair - Get the Help Now

Your credit scores are a combination of all the items on your credit report, both good and bad. Any credit such as credit cards, car, home and personal loans are all taken into account when calculating your scores. The most recent negative items that hit your credit report will instantly drop a significant number of point from your credit score, as much as many as 100 points depending on the negative. There's a surplus of ways to harm your credit score such as running up student loans. 
 Luckily, with some diligence and hard work, there is also a surplus of ways to fix your credit. It may seem like the end of your credit score when financial disaster strikes, but you would be surprised to know that you can rebuild your credit quickly to obtain jobs, and finance large purchases like a home or car. A professional and reputable best credit score repair company will make a ongoing written dispute campaign against every error they find in your credit reports with all three major credit bureaus. Many of these statistics are not included in the government unemployment rate, making it appear that our economy is improving. 

It is possible to bounce back from a drop in credit score. Working with a credit repair expert can speed up this process. It's important for consumers to understand that concept. Too many times we will hear that prospective clients refuse to enter into a settlement arrangement with a creditor for fear of negative implications to their credit score. Yes, that three digit credit score is often equally as cherished as your beloved vehicle, pooch, or other prized possession. So, hurting your score by entering into a settlement arrangement with a creditor is understandably a hard decision.